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On May 19, the Canadian English-language channel Treehouse TV will start airing Season 1 and Season 2 of Super BOOMi. Kids and families in Canada will be able to explore the amazing virtual reality world BOOMi has created and embark on fantastic adventures with BOOMi and his friends for the first time.

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Treehouse TV is the one of the top TV programming providers for kids and parents in Canada. Owned by Canadian entertainment industry leader Corus Entertainment, Treehouse TV has considerably high market penetration of nearly 90%. The pilot episode of Super BOOMi will be screening at 19:55pm (local time) on Sunday May 19, 2019.


Super BOOMi is a 3D animated series produced by Up Studios and released in partnership with Tencent. Super BOOMi is an action-adventure series featuring BOOMi bear and his best friends as they play and learn in a wondrous virtual reality game universe. The show has topped national TV ratings on multiple leading broadcasters across China. Within only 18 months since its release, the series has surpassed 2.6 billion views on Tencent Video, one of the largest video streaming websites in China.

Following its domestic success, the ambitious show has set the goal to expand in the international market. Super BOOMi has signed a major international distribution deal with acclaimed family entertainment company, Nelvana, whose award-winning shows are broadcast on TV channels in 160 countries.

As the family ambassador of National Hockey League (NHL), BOOMi is currently producing a new series of CG-animated shorts in partnership with the NHL. The show will focus on a high-tech display of hockey skills that shows youth of all ages how to play like NHL superstars Connor McDavid, Johnny Gaudreau, Elias Pettersson and more. More importantly, the show is a cornerstone of grassroots content that will grow awareness of ice hockey and the NHL in China, the largest new market for the sport in the coming decade.