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"How to inspire children's imagination and creativity" has always been a hot topic among teachers and parents. As a popular writer, artist and director, Trevor was invited by Zhuoyue International Kindergarten to deliver presentations to children and inspire them with his work which includes the Super BOOMi cartoon and Piggy book series. BOOMi recently began broadcasting on Guangdong’s largest TV stations, and many of the students began singing the theme song when Trevor showed them videos of Super BOOMi animation.

Zhuoyue International Kindergarten is a diversified international school combined with Chinese and Western educational concepts. The school aims to create more opportunities for students to interact with famous artists and writers, as these experiences help to spark children’s interest in creative activities.

"Each child is unique and has great potential…We should proactively encourage children to grow their imaginations and creativity, whether through drawing, reading, acting or other activities," said Trevor.

During the presentation, Trevor shared his rich experiences as a creator, and offered many suggestions to parents who had questions about inspiring children's imaginations. One of the common questions asked was "how to encourage kids to love reading", and Trevor provided specific advice for different age groups.

There was an interesting question from a mother, who said her daughter was obsessed with one particular book series and would not read anything else. She asked Trevor “How can I get her to read anything else?", to which Trevor answered, "It's actually a good thing that your daughter reads a lot, even if it is just one series. Rather than trying to steer her away from what she loves, you can encourage her to try new books by finding ones that match her interests. When kids feel like they have full control over what books they read, they will see the experience more positively than if a parent starts dictating what they should or should not read."


Trevor said that in the future he will continue devoting himself to inspiring children's imagination and creativity to help them build confidence in pursuing their dreams.